Decided to learn to play Piano?

The best way to do that is the PianoForAll Course.

It’s no news that online piano lessons are becoming more and more popular.

It is, after all, an easy and affordable way of learning how to play the piano or refresh your musical knowledge by yourself.

From gamified piano apps to guided video lessons, it’s also easy to get lost in all the possibilities.

But, lots of options is a great problem to have! Pianoforall, in fact, offers a unique approach to learning how to play the piano by yourself.

It delivers its content through different kinds of media and teaches both music theory and playing songs.

It’s a popular online course that has helped over 300,000 students around the world to improve their piano skills.

So, why is Pianoforall among the best online piano lessons?

To bring you closer to the answer, in this Pianoforall review, we’ll show you the program’s main features and explain its method of teaching.

Pianoforall Overview

Pianoforall is an online piano course that teaches the basics of playing the piano.

The platform combines eBooks, video lessons, audio files, and exercises to deliver its content.

Through a step-by-step piano course and bite-sized lessons, you’ll make progress each day. It is suggested you commit 20-30 minutes daily.

However, you can learn at your own pace and take in as much information per day as you want, which is one of the benefits of online music classes.

Pianoforall indeed has many benefits – from easy-to-follow, clear lessons to a well-rounded curriculum that focuses both on music theory and playing songs.

After finishing the course, you’ll undeniably have a strong musical foundation.

The course also combines various genres, so you’ll have substantial knowledge of ballads, jazz, and pop pieces in a few months’ time. So, how does Pianoforall actually work?

Broken Chord Ballad

How Does Pianforall Work?

To get full access to Pianoforall lessons, you have to purchase the course on the Pianoforall website.

The regular price is $79, but you should keep an eye out for discounts.

What’s great about Pianoforall is that it includes a one-time payment. So, once you purchase the course, you’ll have lifetime access to all the material.

This is beneficial especially if you’re not sure how much time you’ll have for your lessons and you don’t want to feel pressure to finish the course in less than a month.

After the purchase, you’ll get 9 interactive eBooks, 500 audios, and 200 video lessons.

Pianoforall also keeps making updates so you’ll always have fresh content.

The platform also has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Pianoforall Requirements

To access Pianoforall lessons you’ll just need your device and a piano or a keyboard.

You can access Pianoforall eBooks on Windows computer, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or any Android device.

If you use a computer or Mac, you’ll need Adobe Reader and Flash player to access tutorials, videos, and audio lessons.

For iOS, you’ll have to install the Readdle Documents app. If you have an Android device, you’ll need the EZPDF Reader lite app (it costs $1).

Once you download the program, you can access it anytime and anywhere you want – yes, offline! Having offline access is a very convenient (and not so common) feature.

Moreover, there’s an option of getting a free 7-day mini-course. You just need to ask for your free lessons and you’ll get them in your e-mail.

Meet Your Instructor

The creator and piano teacher of Pianoforall lessons is a well-known cartoonist and talented pianist Robin Hall. He launched his method online in 2006 and since then he is a full-time piano instructor.

He plays both keyboard and grand piano, meaning that in his teaching, he combines classical piano playing and showing tunes on the keyboard.

In his video lessons, he explains musical concepts with a calm approach and in a clear, comprehensible way.

Hall doesn’t cover all the music theory you would learn in a traditional piano school but doesn’t completely avoid it either. We’ll dig deeper into the program’s content in a moment.

Pianoforall Method

The Pianoforall method is based on teaching how to play the piano through two main things.

One of them is the rhythm piano. Robin Hall aims to teach basic rhythm patterns quite soon in the course, and as you progress, you’ll learn more complex rhythms.

Another element that Hall puts focus on is the chord progression. By learning chords and chord progressions, you’ll soon be able to play familiar songs.

By teaching rhythm and chords, you’ll get a grasp of playing the piano pretty easily, and you’ll also be able to apply it to various songs – even your own!

However, the program doesn’t neglect notation, which is a crucial part of learning how to play the piano well. If you learn notes and sight-reading, you’ll be free to play anything you want.

Piano and musical notation.

To teach you how to read notes, Pianoforall uses a unique and effective combination of keyboard diagrams, notation, audio, and video.

That way, you’ll learn notes by the so-called visual association – you’ll learn it first by diagrams and then see what it looks like in musical notation.

With Pianoforall, you’ll learn how to play by ear as well as read sheet music. It’s a good method for learning how to play the piano quickly but also properly.

Audio and Video Lessons

The Pianoforall course offers 200 video and audio lessons – you can access them from the interactive eBooks.

You can simply click on the audio lesson to hear what you’re reading about.

In the videos, you can see Hall playing and explaining the material. As he demonstrates the techniques, you’ll be able to see hand placements, fingerings, and overall movements that you can mirror.

The course comes with a total of 500 audio clips and exercises, which is truly an abundance of learning material.

There are many short exercises ideal for double-checking what you’ve learned.

Alternative to PianoForAll

Piano Masterclass is another more pricy and professional option to learn piano. It is developed by Stephen Ridley and it promises to teach you to play the piano 10x faster than other traditional methods.

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Pianoforall learning interface.